It’s started again

You’d think I’d never had a baby before. Here I am nearly 34 weeks pregnant with my third, and I find myself panicking more often than I’m not.
I’ve always been a worrier, I’m sure you know that, but with pregnancy it’s always intensified. With baby #1 I worried about labour as I had no idea what I was doing, everything was new. With baby #2 I knew exactly what to expect and that scared the life out of me. With baby #3 I can’t even think about it without my stomach churning, everything is setting it off, even talking to MrV about baby names.
I thought I should make a start on organising (not yet packing) things for my hospital bag today. I’ve actually made a good start, and got a lot of the baby stuff sorted, but it didn’t stop me feeling like I was going to puke. It’s ridiculous, I’ve done it twice already, what am I panicking for?
Seriously though, what am I panicking for? Is it just me or does anyone else do this?