Pancake day

Well here we are, pancake day is here. I had no idea what day it was to be honest, Bella informed me when she got home from school yesterday, and the lovely Jodie at GinJunkiePie also posted about it last night.

I remember loving pancake day when I was growing up, and as soon as I could cook it was me that used to make them, there always seemed to be millions but they always got eaten!

This year I was even more organised, I made the batter before the school run, and I’ve just finished cooking them up ready for later.


*disclaimer: photo above shows 10 pancakes, 2 of them mysteriously disappeared during the cooking process 😉*

If you’re interested, this was the recipe I used…
1 mug plain flour
1 mug semi skimmed milk
1 egg
A splash of vanilla extract

Although this made a lovely batter, it only made 12 pancakes. Yes I know that should be enough, but we do like our pancakes here so I might have to make another batch before MrV gets home!!

Out of interest, what do you have on yours? Lemon and sugar? Maple syrup? Nutella?


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