Oh, hello February!!

It’s finally here, the month our whole world will change, baby Twiglet is due in 15 days!!!
We (and by that I really mean MrV) spent most of yesterday tidying and finishing off the nursery. We probably won’t be using it for a few months other than if I’m upstairs doing things so he can get used to it, but it was such a mess and we’d been putting it off for weeks! Here it is, all ready and waiting.


It’s been a stressful few weeks to be honest, I feel more uncomfortable each day, and last week Twiglet decided to make himself comfortable very very low. This has it’s good and bad points, I finally have a bit of space back for my poor insides, especially my lungs! However, I now hurt more than ever as my pelvis is under an extreme amount of pressure, making moving at all reeeally tricky.

I know I (we) have been incredibly lucky to get this far problem-free, but I’d really like to meet our baby boy very very soon, and not go “overdue” like my darling MrV keeps reminding me that I could. I know it’s possible, but I really don’t want to hear it!!


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