How did that happen!?!

I can’t quite believe it, but our little Millie is going to be 3 on Monday!! I can still remember quite clearly the night she was born, and here we are today her shouting at me that she wants to go shopping for her birthday cake “right now”!!
She’s come a long way this past year, from finally finding her voice (no thanks to her sister finally disappearing to school!), and her hair actually growing so I can tie it out of her face, and I’m loving watching her change.
It seems very strange to think that she’s going to be a big sister very soon, I can’t wait to see what she teaches little Twiglet. If he’s anything like her, I’ve definitely got my work cut out for me!!


It’s started again

You’d think I’d never had a baby before. Here I am nearly 34 weeks pregnant with my third, and I find myself panicking more often than I’m not.
I’ve always been a worrier, I’m sure you know that, but with pregnancy it’s always intensified. With baby #1 I worried about labour as I had no idea what I was doing, everything was new. With baby #2 I knew exactly what to expect and that scared the life out of me. With baby #3 I can’t even think about it without my stomach churning, everything is setting it off, even talking to MrV about baby names.
I thought I should make a start on organising (not yet packing) things for my hospital bag today. I’ve actually made a good start, and got a lot of the baby stuff sorted, but it didn’t stop me feeling like I was going to puke. It’s ridiculous, I’ve done it twice already, what am I panicking for?
Seriously though, what am I panicking for? Is it just me or does anyone else do this?