Anabel started school 2 weeks ago today! Wow, I’ve just had to check my calendar to find this out, it seems much longer already. The first few days were only half days as a ‘settling in’ period, so she’s only been full time for a week, but my goodness what a week that has been!

My big girl!

How cute is that little face!!! Honestly, I’m sure she’s the tiniest little person in her ‘year’, her uniform is 3-4 years and even that’s too big for her.
I’ve not managed to get out of her what they actually do at school, all she tends to talk about is what pudding she had at lunch! Now she’s doing full days there’s definitely a difference in her behaviour, she’s tired by 4pm which is lovely but by 5pm she gets a bit grotty and could really do with going to bed!!

As for me, Amelia and I have been having a lot less stressful days, and she’s even started talking. I know this sounds funny as she is going to be 3 in January, and it’s not as if she didn’t say anything at all, she had words and grunts, but now, we have a little conversations, she talks in sentences and sometimes comes out with things I didn’t even know she knew!! It’s definitely a case of her big sister being the more dominant one so she tends to let her do all the talking!

There is one more thing I’ve noticed, although the girls don’t always get on when they’re together, Amelia definitely misses her big sister, and vice versa. They had a moment last week when they just sat on their sofa together, cuddling. My heart melted. x

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One more sleep!

I cannot believe it’s finally time… Anabel starts “big school” (aka Reception) TOMORROW!!!

She had a great first year at preschool (though she only did three half days and one full day each week) but these last eight weeks have been so challenging, she is so ready to go back to seeing her friends and getting out of the house!

Today, like most days of late, she has pushed my buttons since the minute she got up. I’m seriously hoping that if anything, school will tire her out so she hasn’t got the energy to be naughty.

The minute I put her to bed tonight though, my excitable little girl showed she was still there, she literally wouldn’t shut up about school; who (by name!) she was going to see, what she was going to do, and that she would miss me. I’m not sure about the latter, we shall see tomorrow!

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Oops, I just realised I’d not shared our news on here… Here was our announcement from 11th August! 😀😀😀

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