Curse of the 4 year old monster

I’m currently sat in my living room, surrounded by mess and (my own) screaming children. I cannot count the number of times I have told Anabel off today, how many times she has made me cry, or made her sister cry. This is a regular occurrence lately, almost every day. When did this become acceptable behaviour? I hear so many excuses from other people, which quite frankly I’m sick of. It should be me making excuses if anyone, she’s my daughter, but I have no words, I just want to cry.

Yes, she is 4, but this is not how all 4 year olds behave. Even if it was, how does that make it ok?
Yes, it is the school holidays, so she may well be climbing the walls, or getting bored, but I am in no position to be taking us out so she can embarrass me in public as well.
She won’t misbehave in public, they say. Oh, how wrong they are. Just this morning she was so incredibly rude in the middle of a shop, we left. I am not putting myself through the embarrassment of having ‘those’ looks, and nobody else should have to listen to her shouting at me, or me telling her off.

I feel like this is a never-ending battle that I am losing, every day. When does it get better? When she goes to school? That would be typical, we have just over 4 weeks left. I’m hoping that Amelia won’t take over the role in her absence… I can dream right?!

By trouble_comes_in_threes