A brand new year! Woop!


There’s so many things I want to do this year, so I actually need to write them all down so I won’t (hopefully!) forget. In no particular order…

1) I need to get my blogging mojo back. I love the physical act of writing, as I did last night – writing this up in my blog book – but sometimes it’s nice to have a fresh perspective, which is why I like to share my ramblings! I must make sure I set some time aside to type up my notes, if only once a month.

2) Cut down the number of crochet projects I’m working on. I tried writing a list of all my WIPs once, so I could tick them off as I finished each one. The only problem I had with that was that all I seemed to keep doing was adding more and more projects! I dread to think how many unfinished things I have laying around! (note: since last night when I started this post, I’ve started something else, oops!)

3) Blogs to start and/or finish;
– Bella at preschool
– Christmas 2014
– Millie’s 2nd birthday (very soon!)
– more reviews, including my new Kaweco fountain pen which should be here soon too!

4) Take Millie swimming more, on a Wednesday when Bella is at ‘school all day.

5) Get my Bella Crafts weebly site updated. Put it back on facebook if necessary, but definitely need to add more pictures to include all the recent ‘woolly’ stuff!

6) Blog about crochet bits – my favourites – add pictures and links back to patterns / ravelry.

Who knows, I might actually do one of these… don’t hold your breath though!