I’ve gotten so far behind on blog posts of late, there are so many I’ve started but not managed to finish. There’s also been lots happening in the V household, so let me try and get you up to date…

Amelia started walking, a week after her birthday! It still seems so strange, she is 15 months old today, and her big sister didn’t start walking until she was 16 months old! I guess she just wanted to be able to keep up with Bella!

MrV’s sister had yet another operation in February, this time a biggy. I have lost count how many procedures she’s had done over the last few years, but this one is supposed to ‘fix’ her. She’s been through a hell of a lot and it seems like every time something starts going right, another thing comes and rears its ugly head. I really hope someday very soon she will start to feel a sense of normality back in her life. Fingers crossed sis!

I stopped using twitter in the middle of February too, and I’m so glad, it was taking far too much time to keep up to date. Originally it felt good to talk to complete strangers, it was an easy way to rant, or talk total nonsense! However, being a mummy to my two little monkeys takes up a lot of time, and quite frankly I’d much rather spend my time with them than talking to people I don’t know, no offence! 😉

The last couple of days of February were eventful too. Millie fell off the sofa one evening. It still pains me to tell people that, but it all happened in seconds. She climbed, I got up to pick her up but she fell off before I got to her, and my god did she scream! It took me ages to calm her down after, and she couldn’t put any weight on her hand without crying. The following morning, she was exactly the same, so off I went to A&E with both girls in tow to get her checked. After seeing a nurse, then doctor, then sent for an X-ray, my fear came true. She had broken her arm! 😢 The lovely doctor and nurses reassured me that it happens all the time, but to hear that my baby was actually broken… I cried a little. Both Millie and Bella were so well behaved in the 4 HOURS we were there, even when I had to hold Millie still while the nurses put a cast on her arm!!!

Luckily, it was only a small fracture, so she only needed the cast on for 2 weeks rather than the 4+ they originally mentioned, but when the time came for it to come off, I must admit I was terrified! She’d only learnt to walk about 2 weeks before she broke it, then with her cast on it was like she thought she was invincible, she ran everywhere, I was dreading her hurting her arm again! Fortunately things have been ok since, though she hasn’t slowed down at all, or stopped trying to climb on everything!

Ooh, I’ve got a new car! That was exciting! We needed to start using my car more rather than MrV’s company car, so decided I would need a more practical (and bigger) car. Bye bye Polo, hello Qashqai! She (yes, I said she!) is so much more fun to drive!!

March also saw another new purchase, ‘reading’ glasses for me! Haha! With my new found LOVE of everything crochet, I’d noticed I was also experiencing a lot more migraines, and it turns out that’s why! I picked them up a week after my eye test, and so far so good, I can do my hooking (haha!!) without the headaches!


MrV and I had an exciting night too, we went to a friend’s house for dinner and a catch up while the inlaws looked after the girls. There was good food, good (ish) wine, good company, and silly games which always go down well! I didn’t even wake up with a hangover, which is more than could be said for MrV… I had to pull over 4 times on the drive home!!

Mother’s Day this year was lovely. We took the girls to our favourite place in Norfolk, and met the inlaws there. We walked, went on the beach, took Bella on the little train, and had a really nice day, the sun even came out for us.


Hmm, what else has happened? Oh, I decided enough was enough and I have gone back on my diet. I took a really hideous photo of me which shocked me into it, and although I only started at the beginning of April, I have lost 8lbs already, I’m so pleased.

The week before Easter was a bit of a nightmare for us girls, we all had a nasty cough and I had to make an extra long doctors appointment so we could all be seen. It turned out that although Bella ‘only’ had a virus, Millie had a bad ear infection, and I had a chest infection! We’ve almost got back to normal but the cough is still lingering a bit.

On Good Friday, MrV and I went to the hotel we got married in, for a treat from his sister. She bought us ‘afternoon tea’, how sweet is that?! It was a nice little getaway, an afternoon with my awesome hubby, where we got to eat cake!!


Which brings us up to date, I know, my life is so exciting! Hopefully it won’t be long before I post again, so you won’t fall asleep catching up! 😉

By trouble_comes_in_threes