Terrible two’s

Well, I started writing this a couple of months ago which pretty much says it all.

People always talk about the ‘terrible twos’ stage, for us it started at about 18 months and it’s gotten worse as Bella hit 2. For 18 months, I had a wonderful daughter, obviously there were a few grumps along the way, but nothing I couldn’t handle. Then it seemed like she turned a corner and turned into the devil along the way! I originally put her moods down to teething, but I don’t think I can kid myself any more, my only hope is that as this stage started early maybe it won’t last too much longer…?!?

My sister-in-law sent me a picture the other day, it’s spot on really…

… even as I was writing this, she was trying to steal the iPad from me!

I’ve tried being calm and trying to explain that she mustn’t do things, but is it possible to reason with a 2 year old? It’s got to the point that we’ve got the playpen back out again. Instead of being used as a playpen though, it sits empty in the corner of our living room, waiting. When she’s naughty she gets told off and told why. If (and mostly, when) she does it again, she goes into ‘baby jail’ as we’ve now started calling it, for 2 minutes. It’s hard to listen to her crying and screaming when she’s in there, but she’s been put in there for a reason so hopefully it won’t take her too long to figure out that if she’s good she won’t have to go in… here’s hoping!

I’m guessing that as the time comes for Bella to grow out of her lovely phase, Millie will start, fun and games all round! 😉

By trouble_comes_in_threes