Cheeky Wipes review

A while ago, a friend mentioned Cheeky Wipes on twitter, and to be honest I had no idea what, or who, they were. After I had a read through their website, I felt a bit more clued up. It’s basically reusable, washable wipes.

I mentioned it to MrV and we sat down and worked out on average how much we were spending a year on baby wipes… around £200, and this was before Millie was born!!! It seemed well worth investing to give them a go, so we bought the All In One kit with an extra 25 wipes which were half price (£7.50 instead of £13) so in total we spent under £50 for 50 wipes, a ‘fresh’ box and bag, a ‘mucky’ box and bag, and two bottles of essential oils to scent the water.

We’ve been using them for a few months now and I have to say, the wipes themselves are great! There are no harsh chemicals in them (just water and a few drops of oil) so they are much kinder to the skin, we use them for mucky hands, faces and when changing nappies. One thing I was a little worried about was washing them after using them for dirty nappies. The website says you can just put them in the wash with everything else, but wouldn’t the other washing get covered in poo?! After testing this, I can safely say “no”! They’ve been in with baby clothes, with towels, and with bedding, and everything always comes out clean and fresh!! They can also be tumble dried, air dried, or transferred straight from the washing machine to the clean box. This would be handy if you only have one set of wipes.

Now to tell you about storing them. The kit includes 2 boxes, a ‘clean’ and a ‘mucky’. The clean box is smaller, as the wipes go in flat, and the mucky box is larger so you can throw them straight in there. They’re both very easy to open, they’re hinged on one side with a large flap on the opposite to click open and click shut. This is great as you only need one hand to open the boxes, and Bella can open them for me too if I’m struggling with Millie as she wriggles around!

However, there is a flaw. The boxes aren’t watertight. This isn’t such an issue with the clean box as there should only be a few drops of water (if any) that’s not soaked up by the wipes. But the mucky box has a lot more water in, and dirty smelly water at that! Bella has ‘helped’ on numerous occasions when I’ve been changing Millie, and has managed to knock the box over either by standing on it (little terror!) or trying to pick it up and dropping it. This usually ends with me running around like a loon to grab tea towels to mop up the mess before she walks in it! In the end, MrV went out and bought a box with a watertight lid to keep the dirty wipes in. The last thing we want to do is ruin the carpet in our (rented!) house!

On the Cheeky Wipes website, they suggest that you wash the wipes after 3 days. This is about right for us, as we use them for both girls, at nappy changes and to clean up after meals. Any longer than 3 days and they start to smell musty.

Although the set we bought included bags to store the wipes while out and about, we tend to use disposable wipes when we’re out, simply because they take up less room in my already bursting-at-the-seams changing bag! When I don’t have to take as much ‘stuff’ with me, I’m sure I’ll go back to taking the Cheeky Wipes out!

All in all, I would recommend investing in a set (or two) of Cheeky Wipes. It is already saving us money, just be prepared to buy a different box to keep the mucky wipes in!


By trouble_comes_in_threes

Bella Crafts

I started making things, mainly jewellery, a few years ago, but since then I’ve picked up lots of tips and tricks from people (including my wonderfully talented mother in law) along the way and have now got back into my sewing (which I LOVE). The other MrsV and I have set up Bella Crafts as our little project, and between us we cover beaded jewellery, knitting, crochet and sewing. We’ve done a few craft fairs, but not since Millie was born. I have however, managed to make a few bits though, so I thought I’d share them with you all 🙂

My first attempt at quilting… this one’s for my girls, it had to be owl related!

Bunting for the Queen of Hearts Beauty

… a little pouch for her beautification tools…

… and a necklace to celebrate her 1st year in business!


Although I’ve had business cards made up, and I’ve got a little web space for all of our creations, I’ve not managed to update it lately. I have so much jewellery I need to photograph to make up an online catalogue (so to speak) but since having my second little munchkin, I’ve not had the time to sit down and actually do it. If you want to have a nosey over to I’d love to hear your thoughts… x

By trouble_comes_in_threes