Crafty little bugger ;)

I bought Bella some colouring pens this week, and tonight I was feeling brave enough to let her loose with them!
Here’s what we got up to…

According to the label, these pens are washable… according to our hands after using baby wipes then soap, they are not! Bella looked totally confused that she was going to bed with pen all over her hands!!

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Cake, you say? Why on earth not!

When Hannah, aka @theREALjeevesey tweeted about having #cakeweek over on her blog (Make Do And Push) there was no question about it, I had to join in.

I’ve always loved baking, ever since I was little. I remember my mum teaching me how to make fairy cakes, and over the years I’ve added more and more to my recipe book. Although MrV will tell you I am a terrible cook, he will agree that I do make good cakes! Coming from someone that’s not really a cake person, I take that as a compliment!

There are so many cakes I’ve made over the years. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those clever people who can decorate them beautifully, I just make the cake itself! Here is a recipe I’ve used time and time again, which is now so popular, MrV Senior asks me to make it just for him!!

So here it is, courtesy of Tana Ramsey (the talented Mr Ramsey’s beautiful wife), here is the recipe for Lemon Drizzle cake…

Cake ingredients
8oz (225g) unsalted butter, softened
8oz (225g) caster sugar
4 eggs
finely grated zest 1 lemon
8oz (225g) self-raising flour

For the drizzle topping
juice 1½ lemons
3oz (85g) caster sugar


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Eek. Just the word ‘broody’ makes me feel uneasy!

After I had Bella, I had horrid flashbacks of the birth for a fair few months. As you’ll know from her birth story, it wasn’t a problem labour, nothing horrific happened to either of us, I think I was just in shock at how painful it had been and how I wasn’t able to control what was happening. I think it took me a good 6 months to put it behind me and even contemplate the idea of having another baby. Once we’d decided, there was then a fixed timeframe as I wanted there to be about a 20 month age gap, we had to start trying before Bella turned 1!

Fortunately we fell pregnant pretty quickly, so the period of broodiness and longing was fairly short. Once Millie was born, we could just enjoy our babies, my job (being pregnant) was done.

Or so I thought.

Millie is 8 weeks old today, and I find myself getting a little sad.
Sad that I will never be pregnant again.
Sad that I will never have a bump again.
Sad that I will never feel a tiny person wriggling around in my belly.

There’s a few things that scare me about having any more babies; I don’t think I could go through labour again, then there are the seemingly endless sleepless (days and) nights, and having to get a bigger car to simply fit all the babies in… I think I’ll just stick with my two girls!

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Our trip to the park

Last week, in an attempt to keep me awake and tire the girls out, I took them to our local park. Bella hadn’t been since last year and though it was Millie’s first time, she slept right through it!
Once Bella had got over the initial shock of being on a swing, she enjoyed it, grinning away as she went back and forth!
I helped her climb the steps to the slide, then she held my hand to slide down it. After this there was no stopping her, she climbed the (three) steps back up and slid herself down over and over again for a good 15 minutes! She was so excited, counting (in her own way) the steps on the way up, and yelling “wheeeeee” on the way down!
Here are a few more photos I took…

… as you can see I think she had fun!

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19 months, 11 days…

… that’s the age gap between my girls. I still cant believe it sometimes, I am a mummy to two beautiful little girls and I couldn’t be happier! Now MrV and I can just sit back (metaphorically speaking, obviously) and watch them grow up.

I always knew I wanted children, 2 to be precise, I even had the names picked; Sophie or Grace for a girl, and George for a boy. Of course we never got to use George as we had two girls (and our friends named their son George) and we decided only to use Grace as Amelia’s middle name!

When I was pregnant with Millie (Amelia), I was so excited at being able to give Bella a sister, I couldn’t wait for them to meet, though a little part of me did think ‘what if Bella doesn’t like her?’, ‘what if she gets really jealous?’ ‘what if she thinks we don’t love her anymore?’.

Since her arrival, Bella has been the perfect sister about 90% of the time. When we arrived home, she was so excited to see her new “bebe”, she kept putting her hands out like she wanted to hold her, she was so smiley. She’s quite a ‘touchy-feely’ girly anyway, but now she’s a big sister, I think I notice it more. When I feed Millie, Bella usually comes to sit next to us. She has a tendency of stroking Millie’s head, and in the last few days she’s started giving her kisses and helping me burp her (she pats and rubs her back with me) it’s so cute to watch!

Don’t get me wrong, Bella’s not always like that, sometimes she can be a little monster, but that tends only to be when she’s over tired. Those times seem to be overshadowed by the love she shows her little sister.  She strokes her head when she cries and always kisses her before she goes to bed! I hope this will continue as they both get older, I cant wait to see them play together!

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My second Mother’s Day

This year is my first Mother’s Day as a mummy to these two gorgeous girlies…

MrV is normally very good with finding pressies for me (he says I’m a magpie as I love sparkly things!), and this occasion was no exception, he and the girls chose me a beautiful personalised necklace from Merci Maman.
I have 3 charms, a heart that says “We love you xxx” on one side and “Mummy” on the other, and two girls; one says “Anabel” and the other says “Amelia”. Also, because I always moan that necklaces are always too short (due to my slight claustrophobia), he (I mean they!) paid extra to get me a super long chain!
My pressie actually arrived before Mother’s Day, Merci Maman are really quick with their deliveries, but as MrV is such a softie (I mean big and butch and manly, obviously!!) he let the girls give me it early 🙂 I absolutely love it!

Unfortunately the actual day wasn’t too good, Bella came and woke me up at just gone 5am and refused to go back to sleep! MrV did earn himself more brownie points though, by taking her downstairs and letting me sleep until Millie woke for a bottle about 9.30am! For the rest of the day, we stayed at home and didn’t do anything, we were (and are still) full of cold, the girls especially. Lucky for me, the girls wanted their mummy so I got lots of cuddles which was even better than my lovely necklace 🙂

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