And one more makes two… Amelia is born

This is the story of Amelia’s arrival, I thought I should get it down sooner rather than later!
I’d been trying to keep active towards the end of my pregnancy, which wasn’t hard with a little Anabel to run around after, but I was getting more and more uncomfortable every day it seemed. Every day after 37 weeks, I was hoping to go into labour, but it was looking more and more likely that I was going to past my due date. I kept waking up each morning disappointed that nothing had happened in the night!
38 and 39 weeks passed with no signs of Gremlin wanting to make an appearance, then one night (Thurs 24th Jan, 39 + 3) Mr V and I were watching tv when I had a strong urge to pee. Good job I got up when I did as it was actually my waters breaking! This was all a bit new to me, as when I had Anabel my waters didn’t break until I was pushing.
As I wasn’t yet having contractions, I wasn’t really sure what to do, so I phoned the labour ward and they suggested I go in to be checked over. We called Mr V’s folks to come and look after Bella in case the hospital wanted to keep me in, and while we waited I finished packing my hospital bag with the last minute odds and ends, and was actually making my way down the stairs when they arrived.
We got to the hospital around 11pm I think, they gave me a bed in triage and hooked me up to a monitor to check baby’s heartbeat. The very nice midwife examined me and said I was about 2-3cm dilated, then she checked my waters and found that it contained meconium. She said they would have to keep me in, I wasn’t going home without my baby!!! I was taken to a delivery suite, it was just gone midnight by this point, and told to get some sleep, they would check on me again at 4am.
Fortunately MrV was allowed to stay (cue massive sigh of relief from me) so he made himself as comfortable as can be on the armchair while I got into bed. Neither of us managed to get to sleep, I laid there starting to panic about the inevitable, worrying about when my contractions were going to start. I didn’t have to wait too long, just as MrV was starting to drift off, I had to disturb him to get the TENS machine out, it was go time!!
I called for a midwife about 2.45am, I had a trained and a student midwife who were both lovely. They hooked me back up to the monitor to check on Gremlin but didn’t examine me as I was going to be examined at 4am anyway. I also got to start using gas and air, lovely stuff, as my contractions were pretty strong already. I’m not sure how much later I asked as some of it is still a blur, but I asked for some anti-sickness medication so I could have some morphine. The midwives disappeared and came back with a doctor a while later. After checking the readings from the monitor, he said that I couldn’t have morphine as the baby’s heartbeat had dipped a couple of times so she was showing signs of distress.
By this point, my contractions were very strong and very frequent, and neither the TENS machine or the entinox were helping much. I never thought I’d ever utter the words “I want an epidural” but I was really struggling and was so desperate for anything to help with the pain, I needed something and fast. As I was rather spaced out when I decided this, MrV took over and managed to ask the questions for me, thank god! Unfortunately for me, the doctor decided that it was possible I would be delivering within an hour so an epidural was out of the question too as there wouldn’t be enough time for it to work.
I was on my own, no drugs again, just me and the gas and air like with Bella. I think it was at this point I started swearing, I couldn’t believe it was happening so fast, again! I was still hooked up to the monitor, though I have no idea if it was being used. I had my two midwives, the doctor who kept popping in and out, the senior midwife who had popped in to check on me, and MrV all with me. Yet again it was MrV who had to strip me (haha, not very romantic!) and I was told to lay on my back. I remember panicking. I knew I didn’t want to be on my back (I was on my knees on the bed when I delivered Bella) but my body was tensing up and was getting ready to push so I was ‘moved’ onto my back by the midwives, not that I put up much of a fight, I didn’t care by this point, I just wanted it to be over.
I was examined again, and after what only seemed like a few minutes my body gave me no choice but to push. The midwives grabbed my legs and held them up in the air, dignity had long since flown out the window by this point! After a couple of pushes I could feel the head crowning, then it seemed like my contractions almost stopped. This was a very strange feeling, it was scary and empowering at the same time, it was just down to me when to push, I was in control and I didn’t feel rushed at all. Fortunately I remembered what I was doing (still completely away with the fairies thanks to the gas and air!) and after a couple more pushes my baby was out!
I remember her being plonked on my belly, not that I could really focus on her, I was more concerned she wasn’t crying. She was taken away to get cleaned (and given some ‘encouragement’ according to MrV) then I heard it, the newborn cry. I sobbed, obviously, and I remember saying “I never have to do this again!” (two is our number).
After the placenta was delivered, I had the delight of having a few stitches again, then I was ‘done’, on my notes my labour has been recorded at a grand total of 57 minutes!!!
Amelia Grace was born at 3:57am on 25th January 2013. I now have my baby, my big girl and my husband, my world is complete :o)

By trouble_comes_in_threes

Welcome baby V number 2!

Meet the newest addition to our little family, Amelia Grace, born at 03:57 on Friday 25th January 2013.

I’m still in the process of writing up her birth story, but with two little monkeys taking up my time now I’ve no idea when I’ll get round to finishing it!
All I’ll say for now is we are totally in love. xxx

By trouble_comes_in_threes