The transition to big girl…!

Thursday 27th December
* afternoon *
Right this second, I am laying in bed (thanks to pregnancy exhaustion) listening to MrV trying to get Bella to sleep.
This morning, we put drawer locks on her chest of drawers and toy box, and turned her cot bed into a big girl’s bed! We weren’t planning on doing it for a while yet, but the other day she showed me that she can indeed get her leg up onto the top of the bars, and I dread having to run in there and find her on the floor after climbing out!
We decided yesterday that we’d start the change now, before the new baby gets here so there wasn’t too much to deal with all in one go, but so far she won’t stay on it, let alone in it! I’ve just had to go in as I thought she’d got into her toy box, turns out she can open her wardrobe as well so we’ve tied that shut with a ribbon for now! MrV is currently laying in her bed with her in an attempt to get her to stay put… who’s going to fall asleep first I wonder 😉
Here she is a few seconds after I put her to bed…!

* evening *
Well this afternoon went pretty well, MrV fell asleep (as expected!) but Bella was asleep too when he woke up shortly after! She slept for a good couple of hours at least, though so did I, and she came wandering into our room when she woke up, it was so cute, I think she was pretty pleased with herself!
We’ve just put her to bed for the night, and so far had her wandering out three times, so we’ve each had our turn of putting h back in bed. It’s MrV’s again at the minute, I think he’s got back on the bed again! I’d love to do that with her, but the size I am now at 8 months pregnant, I think I’d probably break her dinky little bed!! I wonder how long it’ll take her to get to sleep this time, oh dear, I can hear escape number 4…
Wow, after nearly 2 hours of little feet running about, she finally seems to be asleep. I lost count of how many escape attempts there were, but each time she took our hand, climbed back into bed and said “bye bye”. Hopefully now she’s worn herself out enough to sleep through, fingers crossed!

Friday 28th December
Well, that was an interesting night. Sleep lasted until 2am, then we were suddenly woken by a thud and loud crying. I rushed in to find my baby had fallen out of bed and was standing next to her wardrobe all disorientated. It took nearly 2 hours of me cuddling, ssh-ing her cries, pleading with her to stop talking, but every time I tried to leave her the crying would get louder and more frantic. In the end, MrV came in to take over as I was seriously starting to lose my mind! Nearly an hour later he came back to bed, with a teeny Bella in tow. Fortunately she settled pretty quick in our bed, and we all managed to get a couple of hours sleep before she decided it was time to get up!

Saturday 29th December
Last night was a lot better, hardly any wake-ups, then when she fell out of bed at just gone 6.30am, MrV put her back in to find that she just followed him back to our room. Not bad after just two nights 🙂

Sunday 30th December
Goodness, what a night! Little miss woke up screaming at just gone 3am, and when I went in she was sitting by her wardrobe, I think she’d fallen out again and forgotten where she was 😦 poor sausage! After an hour of her chatting away and refusing to go to sleep I brought her into bed with us, I was just too tired to argue!

Monday 31st December
Last night was a lot better, Bella only fell out of bed twice. The second time was a bit more traumatic I think, it was 11pm and I think as she woke up after falling onto cushions she rolled herself off and knocked into the radiator. The poor thing was quite shaken but once she had a cuddle and stopped crying, she fell asleep again and we didn’t see her again til about 8.30am when she came running into our room with the biggest grin on her face!

Hopefully by now, she’s started to get used to her new big girl bed. I’m sure the falling out will stop soon, but I think she’s at least enjoying the freedom!

By trouble_comes_in_threes

Where’ve I been?!

Wow, I can’t believe I haven’t blogged for so long! Pregnancy is really draining me the 2nd time round, half the time I don’t have a clue what day it is!
Bella has been keeping me busy, as you can imagine. Since she started walking in October, she hasn’t stopped 😉

… she’s growing up way too quickly and turning into a right little monkey along the way! I’ve started making a list of all the words she can say, or just about say, it’s getting pretty long already. She’s lots more chatty too and steals the phone from us to talk to her Granny & Grandpa, though mostly about RaaRaa!

I’ve been Introduced, however, to the wonder that is The Vampire Diaries, thanks to my fab friend, so when I get a chance (and am on my own!) I’ve been trying to get up to date with all 4 series. I must admit I am slightly addicted, mainly to one ‘person’ in particular *cough (Damon) cough*

and I’m not sure if it’s pregnancy but I seem to cry at most episodes!!

I’ve also been ‘getting my craft on’ when I’ve had the chance, and on the run up to Christmas I had a stall at two craft fairs with my Bella Crafts bits and bobs. Here’s a selection of my latest makes…

Bella’s also got a new nappy bag and a pencil case, both in cute owl fabric!

Also some new earrings,

and I’ve almost finished crocheting a blanket for the new bubba, though I need to get a wriggle on before she arrives!!

By trouble_comes_in_threes