Bedtime changes

Day 1 of all-change!
Bella slept nearly 3 hours this ‘morning’ which meant she didn’t have lunch til nearly 3! The late nap was out of the question so we kept her up a little longer, thinking today is a good a time as any to see if we can change her bedtime routine. Normally she goes to bed at 7 then has a bottle (usually while she sleeps) around 9.30pm which sees her through til breakfast, but we’d been thinking about when to drop the late night feed so today we tried bottle at 7.30 and bed at 8… it’s now 10.30pm and she’s been sleeping soundly since I put her down. Fingers crossed she’ll last through til morning, or this mummy is going to be one tired zombie by breakfast!
Wish me luck… 😉

By trouble_comes_in_threes

Pink or blue?!?

Last week was a very exciting week for us, Gremlin turned 20 weeks, which meant we got another scan 🙂
For a few weeks I’d had a feeling I was carrying a boy, I’ve no idea why, though MrV was convinced it was a girl, what a shame only one of us would be right!!
The scan wasn’t until 3pm, so I decided to leave it til 2.30 to start drinking, after the delay last time caused me to nearly pee myself! 😉 We were called in on time thankfully, so they started checking measurements of Gremlin, telling us along the way what some of the bits on the screen were, everything was where it should be and baby seemed to be well. When she’d finished she asked if there was anything we wanted to ask. Umm, yeah! We want to know the sex!!
It took a bit of wriggling, and we were sent away for a walk and another drink, but eventually she said “I think it’s a girl”. All the way through the scan, the sonographer had been really confident, but when it came to this, she sounded quite doubtful. She said there might possibly be something hiding behind the baby’s feet, but she thinks it may be a girl.
We came out excited but not totally convinced, so we decided to pay to have another scan. We booked it at our nearest Kiddicare for Saturday, just 4 days later. This one was much better, it was more relaxed and the lady doing the scan explained what everything was, we even got to have a look at our little baby in 4D, that was weird! She checked, and double checked, about 4 or 5 times I think, but eventually told us we are expecting… A GIRL!!! How exciting is that! Bella’s going to have a little sister to play with, I’m going to be a mummy to 2 girls! Eek!!!

By trouble_comes_in_threes

19 weeks!

My pregnancy app popped up yesterday to remind me that I am 19 weeks pregnant with Gremlin. Although that’s a week off the half way point, it really seems to be dragging already! I think it’s possibly due to being run ragged by a certain other little monkey, aka Anabel, and still not feeling 100%.
I’ve been back to the doctors again in the last few days as I’ve had a really strange taste in my mouth which makes me feel really sick. Turns out its basically acid reflux so I’ve got yet more tablets to help calm it down.
There is some good news though, as I write this there are only 7 more days until my 20 week scan!!! Eek!!!

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One day, some day!

For the past few weeks, my little monkey has been showing more and more interest in walking. She is quite happy to walk (and does so very well) when she’s holding onto our hands, or ‘cruising’ round the living room, but she finally learnt how to stand up by herself…

She stands herself up and almost freezes, doing a little ‘I’m up, I did it’ pose, which is so cute!

We’ve had a brave step or two, but so far that’s it, she’s more than happy to sit herself back down and crawl to where she needs to get to.

For the time being, I’ll just have to enjoy the poses, I’m sure it won’t be long before I start wishing she’d just sit down! 😉

By trouble_comes_in_threes