Review: Tommee Tippee Explora Active Straw

For many months, we’d been trying to get Anabel to drink out of anything other than a bottle. We must have a dozen different cups in our cupboards, from two-handled sippy cups, to ones she has to suck, ones with a bite valve, ones you just tip, it was a never-ending saga.
When she saw a friend’s little girl drinking from a ‘big girl cup’ with a straw, I thought that might work so I went out and bought one. This one had a bite valve too, she had no idea what to do with it and didn’t want to try. Randomly, Granny & Grandpa turned up on one of their usual visits laden with gifts, including yet another cup to try. This is where it all changed.
Introducing the Tommee Tippee Explora Active Straw!

Bella seemed to take to this so easily, my girl was finally drinking!!!

The beaker itself has ridges on each side to make it easier for little hands to grip, and there’s no need to tip it because of the straw. This is quite a relief as Bella has never really gotten to grips with tipping cups, she can’t seem to tip it high enough to get anything out!

There’s a ‘trigger’ on the top (this is green on the purple model) which you just press to release the straw. I was a bit dubious about the straw, surely that would mean it would leak? The fantastic design to this beaker includes a straw valve, which means that once they stop sucking, nothing comes up into the straw, so it doesn’t leak! Again, this has proved very handy as now Bella is a ‘pro’ with her cup, she tends to just leave it laying around when she’s had enough!

There’s also a little leaflet that comes with the Active Straw beaker to show you how to clean it (also found on the Tommee Tippee website). It’s really simple to take apart and clean, but I have to stress, be careful when you connect it back together, if you don’t put the straw valve back right, it will leak! (fortunately this has only happened once, I have learnt my lesson!)

Since she first tried this beaker, we have also bought another (a green one case you were interested) as a spare. I’m sure she’d tell you if she could, you can never have enough juice!

Here she is, engrossed in Charlie and Lola, chilling out with her juice!

By trouble_comes_in_threes

Baby or turnip?!

It’s been about a month since I wrote a pregnancy related post so I thought I should write an update.
I’m now 17 weeks (+1 day, that’s important!) and to be honest I’m not feeling great. Ok, the sickness has almost disappeared (apart from the odd unwelcome reoccurrence) but my energy levels are seriously low. I seems to wake up tired, struggle to entertain Bella throughout the day, then take hours to get to sleep only to be woken at 3am for that much-needed pregnancy wee! I’ve not been socialising much as I have little patience at the minute, I’m sure Bella’s sick of putting up with me, I don’t think I could inflict me on anyone else!
As far as antenatal appointments, I had both a consultant and midwife appointment last week (15+6). My consultants were lovely and I did mention the issue I had with my doctor about my medication, they were shocked that he’d been so insensitive and agreed that there should be no reason why I can’t take them, so that’s a little weight lifted. At my midwife appointment, she checked Gremlin’s heartbeat, and actually found him (or her?!) pretty easily. My initial reaction was “oh good it’s still there!” which obviously it is as I’m still feeling ropey!

The bump at 16 weeks…

It’s such a strange feeling, even second time around, to be pregnant and not ‘feel’ pregnant. I guess without constant monitoring, you’ll never know what’s going on, and I am every grateful that I don’t need constant check-ups, it’s just quite surreal, I’ve still got another 3 weeks (today!) until my 20 week scan when we get to see Gremlin again! We’re hoping to find out the sex then, just so we can start getting organised. Neither MrV or myself mind if it’s blue or pink, but it it’s not pink then I can start clearing out some of Bella’s old clothes and buying some blue things instead! I actually cannot wait, I just want to know!!!

The bump at 17 weeks… (I still just feel fat!!) Gremlin weighs as much as turnip (?) according to my baby app’!

By trouble_comes_in_threes