Meet ‘Gremlin’!!!

Last week, we finally got announce our very exciting news, I’m pregnant again! It had seemed like it was taking forever to get to the 12 week scan, as with Bella we went private and had an early scan at 7 weeks. But here we are again, broadcasting our fabulous news all over the social media sites; twitter, facebook, instagram, you name it!
It was a very long day, Tuesday 17th July, I finally had my long-awaited booking appointment in the morning at one hospital, then in the afternoon we went to another hospital for my scan, and even that wasn’t as straight forward as you’d expect. My appointment was 2.40pm, so as I was told, I started filling my bladder an hour before. This would have been fine had the sonographers been running on time, but they weren’t. I didn’t get called in ’til gone 3pm, by which point I’d had to relieve some of the pressure on my bladder, a most uncomfortable experience; how can you stop peeing when you’re fit to explode?!
Anywho, I was called in for my scan. I dutifully got on the bed, pulled my top up, etc, and laid there looking at MrV. I think the sonographer was a little worried, but she went ahead and started glooping jelly onto my belly. Thankfully, moments later, she said something like “there it is”… And I’m not afraid to say I cried like a baby, I couldn’t stop! I’d got myself so worked up that they weren’t going to find anything, that my body had been playing tricks on me and I wasn’t actually pregnant, but there it was, our tiny little baby just laying there in my belly!!!
It took a while longer to get some decent measurements as it was in the wrong position, then wouldn’t move, then wouldn’t keep still, but eventually everything was finished and we could go. I didn’t even care that they had to take yet more blood from me (I’d had some taken at my booking appointment) I was just so happy. All I could think of was getting home to our little Bella, who hopefully wasn’t running granny and grandpa ragged, to show her the picture of her little brother or sister!

Bella’s big announcement…

Scan 1

Scan 2 – view of the face almost covered by teeny tiny hands!

Just I case anyone is wondering ‘why Gremlin?!’, it’s not the traditional gremlin like the movie, it’s after a baby monkey from BBC’s Planet Earth Live that was just sooo cute! Who knew MrV was a big softie… 😉