SECRET POST #4… The big one!

(posted 23rd July 2012)

Yesterday I found out I’M PREGNANT!!!!!!!

After getting stressed like you would not believe, at 8 days late I decided to do yet another test. The first one I peed on (!) was from a cheapy-cheap box of 2 for 99p, but there was a faint line in the test area. I shouted down the stairs for MrV, but his noise cancelling headphones have proved their worth and he couldn’t hear a thing, not me shouting his name, or stamping on the floor, or even throwing my slippers down the stairs! Right, I’ll do another one then!
The second test I took was the all singing all dancing digital one, the one that not only says yes or no, but it gives you an indication on how far along you are. So, second stick peed on, then came the longest 3 minutes, I was still thinking I wasn’t, it was probably just the stress making me late.
Three minutes came, I gingerly lifted the instruction sheet off the stick, I don’t know why but I always cover it up ’til it’s ready!
This is what I found…

Eeek!!! I grabbed Bella and shot downstairs to find MrV, needless to say he is super happy too! I stood there hugging my little girl, crying and shaking, we are so lucky!

I’ll go to the doctors tomorrow, to get the ball rolling again, but for now we’re ‘keeping mum’ until the all clear at the 12 week scan, hopefully. Just the agonising wait for that now… xxx



(posted 23rd July 2012)

My period was due yesterday. I’m officially one day late. Unfortunately I’m not too happy as I took a test this morning (Saturday mornings are great for peeing on a stick!) and it quite clearly said “not pregnant”. Maybe I should have waited and bought the cheaper test kits, I wasn’t particularly ready to have the actual words rubbed in my face to make things worse.
MrV keeps telling me “it’ll happen” and I know technically there’s no reason why it shouldn’t, but I secretly hoped it would be as quick as when we fell pregnant with Bella. Maybe next month. I’ll keep you posted. x


(posted 20th July 2012)

I’ve had a few up and down days recently, so I thought I’d best write it down to see if it’ll help.

We officially started trying for “Baby V” number 2 just over 5 weeks ago now, and I think it’s already getting to me. In the past week or so, I’ve been feeling a bit run down, and I’ve been sick once. I know if you’re reading this, you may just think ‘so what?!’ but I hate being sick, it’s almost a phobia, so the fact that I have been is making me over-think things.
The day I was sick, I went out and bought a pregnancy test for the following morning. It was negative, as I thought it might be, but I still found myself being disappointed. At that point, my period wasn’t due for another 2 weeks, so it was a bit early to be doing the test anyway, I think I was just a little over-cautious.

Today, I am feeling sick yet again. I’m actually starting to get used to this now, it seems to be going hand in hand with the pain in my back, thought I’m not sure why. I’m due ‘on’ in 4 days according to my iPhone app’, but I’m not going to do a test, unless it doesn’t actually start. I’m dreading it to be honest, if it says negative again I think I’ll cry. I said this to Mr V the other day, and he very gently told me off.

You see, we were very lucky when we fell pregnant with Bella. We stopped trying not to, 12 weeks before our wedding, and it took a week! This time, now we’re actually trying, there’s a bit more pressure. When we talk about it, we always say “if” rather than “when” simply because there’s nothing to say we’ll be able to have a second beautiful baby, we’ve already been blessed with one. I really hope we are going to be lucky, and I know a certain little miss that would be delighted to have a little baby to play with, she does love little people!

So, for now I will go, it’s nearly time to feed my little monkey, who turned 11 months today, can you believe it?!

Party planning!

Oh my goodness, can you believe our little princess is going to be 1 next month?!! Eek!!

With that in mind, we’ve decided to have a little party for her, and spoil her rotten! There’s not going to be too many people as it’s going to be at our house, but I thought it would be nice for her to have family and friends over to make a fuss of her (yes I know they do anyway!!).

Originally I just sent a text message to people to give them the details, but I thought it might be nice to have a proper invitation, so we can have one as a keepsake. I know, soppy mummy alert! I actually joined the Big Birthday Club on the Early Learning Centre website a few weeks ago, after they sent me a leaflet through the post, but I’ve had a look today and found that they have some invitations and party ideas free to download if you need some inspiration, how lovely is that?!

We’ll probably end up just eating sandwiches and cake… I say “we”… it’s probably going to be me, but what better reason to eat cake than to celebrate my baby girl’s first birthday!

I’m thinking I might go all out and have decorations too, here are some of my favourites…

Eek… giraffes
how adorable is this Tinkerbell costume!

Well it seems I have spent far too long already writing this post, I keep getting distracted by pretty things. I may change my mind anyway, soooo many different themes to choose from 🙂 I’ll keep you posted!


(I can finally share this – 20th July 2012!)

We’re trying for a baby!!!

Obviously you’re not reading this as I’m writing it, as we want to keep it a bit quiet until something actually happens, but we’re trying!!

I’m happy I’ve actually got to this point though, as I was so against having another baby after having Bella. It certainly wasn’t because we didn’t want one, we’d planned on having two all along, and we already love our little princess so much, but Oh My God it’s scary!

When I was pregnant with Bella, I had all-day sickness for months, which only stopped when the doctors gave me some anti-sickness medication. Then there was the pain and discomfort from being so huge, and having SPD. Then the labour itself (pretty self-explanatory!) and the weeks afterwards of horrible flashbacks, me not eating, baby blues, lack of sleeping, and worrying that she’s not feeding enough. I must admit it took me a good 6 months to get over most of these!!

I was looking back through ‘old’ photos of Bella and found this one…

… this is her first photo and she’s just over 2 hours old! I can’t believe these 10.5 months have gone by so quickly. When we talked about having children, we hoped to have two, but I really wanted to have an age gap of under 2 years. Now the time has come around, it seems crazy, our teeny tiny little girl is not even 11 months old yet but we’re trying for a little brother or sister for her!
I hope that when you eventually read this you won’t judge me. I’m already thinking people might think it’s too soon, that we should be too busy with Bella to be planning to have another baby. It’s actually because of Bella that we are doing this, I want her to grow up with a little brother or sister she can play with, that she’s not too much older than. I hope she will see it this way too. 
So that’s the end of my first *secret* post. I hope it won’t be too long before you get to read this. x