My chocolate strike update!

I wanted to do a quick update to let you know I am still on my CHOCOLATE STRIKE to raise money for gorgeous little Grayson.

Thanks to Sonia at This Mummy Loves who organised an online auction full of fabulous items, most of the money for the trike has now been raised! Initially, I will admit to being a little disappointed at this, as I thought the money I was raising wouldn’t be needed so it was a waste of time, I realise how petty that sounds. After talking to Kara (Grayson’s mummy) I found out that I couldn’t be more wrong, and I apologise for the childish thoughts. With the money I raise, and other donations sent directly to Sonia, extra money received can go towards a special swing, and/or a sensory room, how wonderful is that!!

A little bit of background on me…
I’ve always done a bit for charity since I was at school. I raised money for Cancer Research UK after my best friend died, aged 16, and I used to volunteer in one of my local charity shops, which was quite fun! When I left school I started doing Race for Life and raised just over £2000 I think. I also did a sponsored abseil for The Stroke Association after my mum had a stroke, even with my horrendous fear of heights! Then when I started work I organised ‘dress down days’ and bake sales to raise money for breast cancer and leukaemia. This has always been something that I loved doing, but I never got to see what happened to my money (obviously), so when the chance came for me to do something to help Kara and Grayson, specific people with a specific need, I couldn’t not do it!

Initially, I think I underestimated just how hard it would be to give up chocolate, I think I was kidding myself that I didn’t eat that much. Oh, how wrong was I!!! It’s been just over 4 weeks now, and I think yesterday was my hardest day, I was ready to scratch eyes out!!! I don’t suppose it’s helped with Easter eggs everywhere I look, but it’s making it all the more worth while every day I can go without.

So far, I have raised £25, and that’s only from 3 people!! I am a little disappointed that I haven’t managed to raise more yet, but I’m hoping it’s just that people will donate at the end…??

If you can help, even if it’s just £1, it would make my day, just click on the DONATE button at the top right of my blog, it’s as easy as that! xxx


"Isn’t she getting big!" ;)

I’ve been a bit slack on the blogging front recently, I do apologise! Since I last did an update on Bella, so much has happened, and there’s not been a week gone by when somebody doesn’t tell me how big she’s getting. She’s still dinky but she seems to be developing new skills overnight!

I always said to myself that I’d make a note of every new thing she does so I have a record of it, but there’s more and more things that are happening I’m actually losing track, so here are a few that I can remember;

  • This weekend she started ‘dancing’ to music! It is so cute to watch, she jiggles from side to side and waves her arms around!
  • She’s just about getting the hang of pulling herself up on things. I’ve been crawled over and climbed up, and the cot bars seem to be more for playing than for safety 🙂
  • When you say hi / hello / bye she waves at you!
  • Bath times are now more fun since she sits up and plays with her toys, her favourites are stacking cups as they splash really well!
  • Bella’s now mastered the art of sitting herself up, she seems to lay herself down so she can show off how fast she can sit back up again!
  • She has also started (occasionally) leaning forward with her mouth open when you go to kiss her! Although this is really sweet, it does mean you have to be careful or you’ll end up being slobbered!!
and as I’ve been typing this, there is now one new trick to add to the collection…
  • Bella can now pull herself up… onto her feet… and ‘walk’! Here it is, for you to witness… I’m so proud of my little girl!!!