The ABC Award

I was tagged in this meme (ages ago, oops!) by @mugofdecaf (here is her blog). The challenge is to describe myself, using the whole alphabet. Every letter. Eek, wish me luck!

Accident prone
Girly (occasionally)
Intelligent (I’m clutching at straws here!)
Jewellery maker
Pen thief!
‘Xhausting! (I know I’m hard work sometimes!)
Yummy mummy (apparently!)
Zzzzz (ok so not technically a word but I’m always sleepy!)

Phew! All done! Now to tag people…

… you’re it!

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Chocolate strike for Grayson’s trike!

After a LOT of serious thought, I have decided that I am going to give up chocolate, until 24th August 2012.

This is not a joke!!!

It is also not for my benefit. Although my lactose intolerance would probably thank me for it. I am doing this to raise money for a very special little boy called Grayson.

Grayson’s mummy is Kara, a very special lady who I know now thanks to Twitter. She and her husband (Ashley) have two children, Grayson (3 years) and Addison (9 months). Here is a little about Grayson, taken from Kara’s blog,

“Grayson was born different from most children, but when you look at him you can’t tell, Grayson by definition is a SWAN – SWAN is a term given to Children/Adults who have “a Syndrome without a Name” Grayson has brain damage, severe Global Developmental Delay and is physically and mentally disabled. He has a rare genetic condition that may never be found.”

Please visit Kara’s blog to read more about Grayson.

With the help of anyone and everyone, Kara is trying to raise money for a special trike for Grayson. This trike will allow him to strengthen his legs and core muscles whilst he is having fun like every other little boy and girl, he will be able to go to the park with his little sister, side by side on their trikes. He won’t have to peddle as the special trike will do it for him moving his legs and working his hip joints that are currently failing him.

The quote for this trike has come in at £1800. This is where she needs our help. 
I intend to raise as much money as I can to help fund Grayson’s trike, by giving up chocolate for just over 5 MONTHS!!!

For anyone that knows me, you will know what a challenge this is going to be. I have always had a sweet tooth, then I got diagnosed with a lactose intolerance at 21, which should really have put me off. It didn’t, I just suffered the consequences. Since having a baby though, my chocolate cravings have been insane, I won’t divulge just how much I eat for fear of getting in trouble with my hubby, but it’s a lot!!!

All I am asking is for you to donate some money, any amount, to make this worth while. I want to raise as much as possible so that I can give Kara a huge cheque to go towards a special trike for her special boy.

I have been looking for a way of having an online sponsor page, but I’ve not found one where the money doesn’t go to a charity. Although Kara is also raising money for charity (you can donate direct to the charities on her fundraising page) I want the money I raise to go directly to her, so I have decided to collect any donations I may receive through my PayPal account. At the end I can then write Kara a wonderfully big (hopefully) cheque!!!

If you can help, and every little bit does, please use the PayPal “Donate” button at the top right of my blog.

If you have any queries or would like to contact me about my ‘event’ feel free to comment on here, or email me directly at

I’m thanking you all in advance, I’m sure Grayson would too xxxxxxx

I love my life! (soppy mum alert!!!)

It is 2.10pm on a beautiful Thursday afternoon and I am sitting in an empty park, on the swings with my fast asleep baby in her sling. The only way in which this moment could possibly be any better is if my darling hubby was here with us. I suppose one of us needs to work though! 😉

I originally came out for a walk with Bella as it seemed too good a day to waste sitting inside. This was an hour ago. ‘We’ have walked into town, the long way (though it still only took 5 minutes!), around town, into the lovely little shop to visit my new ‘friend’ Julia who wants to buy (to sell) some of my jewellery. We walked round the town some more, but just as I started to walk home, a certain little minx started dropping off. Perfect!!

No, that wasn’t sarcasm, it’s me being honest! I’ve not used my sling/wrap much but lately I wanted to start using it more so we can go for walks in the sunshine, like today, without me having to drag a buggy around. This is only the second time we’ve been out of the house with it, and it’s by far the longest she’s ever spent in it, I’m so glad she feels comfy and safe enough to sleep.

I am truly one happy mummy right now!

I think I’ll end this post here as I want to enjoy the swings while the sun is still out!! Haha, who said mummy’s have to be grown-up!! 🙂

It’s done!!!

Last Wednesday was a momentous day for me… I handed in my resignation!!!

I hadn’t manage to visit my office since before Christmas as first Bella had chickenpox, then we had Christmas, followed by tonsillitis and a sickness bug! Last week though, we finally made it in.
It was lovely to see my boss, and the girls in my office, and they all adore Bella which she loves!!
We were talking for ages before she asked what my ‘intentions’ were!

Technically I’m not due back until May, but as hubby and I had discussed and agreed that I wasn’t going back it seemed silly to drag out the inevitable. I just said that I didn’t want to hand my baby over to someone, especially now she’s started doing things, like crawling and actually playing with her toys. I wanted to be there for her first steps, her first words, all the fun stuff! It would also be silly of me to come back when we’re planning on trying for baby number 2 (hopefully) in the next few months…

Ok so I’d not got round to actually telling anyone this, but I’ve finally come to terms with my labour and agreed that we should have another baby! But I don’t want to be one of those (very brave) mum’s who are doing the school run with a newborn, I couldn’t cope with that! I’d really like a gap of under 2 years, I guess anywhere from 20 months 🙂 I think that’d be lovely for Bella.
After dropping that bombshell, what could my boss really say?! She did thank me for telling her early though, so she doesn’t hate me I guess!

The next day I told my friend from my NCT group that I’d given in my notice, but I felt really awkward. Her little boy is 5 days younger than Bella, and he’s going to be at nursery 3 days a week as she starts back at work tomorrow. I told her, then immediately apologised. I didn’t want to seem like I was rubbing it in her face, but this is exciting for me.

I know so many people, including this friend, who can’t afford not to go back to work. Obviously this must be a difficult decision to have to make, but for someone like me, I don’t really earn enough to make it worthwhile me going back. With the cost of childcare and petrol, I wouldn’t be making enough to worry about, so we decided I’ll just be a stay at home mummy instead, which suits me fine. I’m going to enjoy every minute with my wonderful little girl, I could always work again when she starts school.

In the words of my darling husband… “you can be a full time bum, I mean mum, now!” haha! Cheeky!

An eventful weekend :)

Last weekend, the sun decided to show its face, and it was glorious! To celebrate this wonderful occasion, in February, hubby and I took Bella for her first trip to the park! Now she’s so inquisitive, I put her facing forwards in the buggy, which she showed her appreciation by smiling and chatting away to herself all the way there!

It was just after lunch so the park wasn’t busy, and she got to try out the baby swing for the first time… I think she’s still a bit dinky for it but she seemed to like it!

After this we tried the little slide, which was much more fun. I plonked her at the top, all ‘king of the castle’ style, so she got to have a good old nosey round before sliding down!

She even did some showing off so daddy could see how good she’s getting at standing up… what happened to my teeny tiny baby?!

By this point there were a few bigger children in the park so we thought we should probably let them play! We went on a lovely long walk by the river, saw the ducks (and huge scary swans!) which was obviously far more exciting than being at home ‘cos she didn’t sleep at all!

When we got home, hubby disappeared to the shops to spend some money on Bella. He returned shortly with two things…

… thankfully I’d managed to get her to sleep before he returned, as the excitement level rose dramatically! 
After one very worn out monkey had had a play, and some dinner, we all laid down on the floor with her to supposedly calm her down. This lasted for all of a few minutes, before she got mummy and daddy all excitable… by CRAWLING!!! Ok, so it wasn’t the conventional crawl, up on her knees, but commando crawling still gets her places, and it looked so cute!! 
Honestly, I don’t know which one of us had more fun that weekend! Bella’s been practicing her crawl ever since, and she can really move about now, this can only lead to trouble… 😉

Review: Funky Giraffe Bibs

When my eldest niece was little, my sister-in-law bought her a couple of ‘bandana’ bibs to help mop up the mess she was making with her drooling. Originally I didn’t like the idea of them, they just looked a bit weird. I suppose it was still a new thing, some passing fashion trend, I thought! Whilst I was on holiday though, I spotted one in a little shop so bought one for my other niece. At the time I just thought it was a cute pattern and she’d appreciate the present!

This was before I had my own little baby…

Bella first started drooling at around 3 months. To start with, it was fine, but as she progressed and started putting things other than her hands in her mouth (namely anything she could grab!) the dribble seemed never-ending! I lost count of how many times I had to change her tops and vests after she soaked through them! I’d forgotten all about the bandana bibs, until someone mentioned them on twitter, this was where I discovered Funky Giraffe Bibs!

“Each unique bandana bib has been specifically researched to be the best for mum and for baby. Coming with two sets of poppers the dribble bib fits snuggly around baby’s neck ensuring they hardly know it’s there, whilst passers-by will marvel at the unique design. All are made from soft brushed cotton making rashes a thing of the past, and through the teething and weaning stages baby will be kept super dry with the fleece backing that ensures no liquid or dribble seeps through onto baby’s chest or back.”

I only bought a couple to start with, I didn’t want to spend too much incase I didn’t like them. They arrived within a couple of days and I was really pleased. The quality is great, and they are really soft. It’s really handy that there are two poppers as Bella is still quite small and it makes it more secure. She has worn them for a hours at a time and never has any drool soaked through to her clothes, it’s amazing!
In total, Bella now has 11 funky giraffe bibs…

… and I have even bought some for friends who are expecting!

Unfortunately, since I have gone back onto the website (again, I have noticed some sneaky new additions to their collection, which I (umm, I mean Bella?) now need!!!


And with 5 for £10.60, or 10 for £19.60, all with FREE UK P&P, how am I supposed to say no!? Maybe I should start saving first so I can buy the whole collection for my little monkey! Talking of monkeys, here she is modelling one of my favourites…