Bella’s new teething necklace!

A few months back I won a competition on Twitter and the prize was a teething necklace by GUMIGEM. I’d never heard of the company or the concept but it was a freebie so who am I to say no?! I chose my design (the Aurora) and within a few days it arrived.
It’s only in the last few weeks where Bella has really taken an interest in my necklaces, so I put the teething one on too… she forgot all about mine and made a grab for ‘hers’! Instinctively she knew what to do, grabbing the top and shoving it in her mouth, chomping away!!
What a brilliant idea!!!!
The pendant itself looks like glass, you can only really tell it’s silicone by touching it, and the cord is long enough that they can play without choking you, but you can buy a longer one if you want. I’m considering getting another one, they are so pretty and so many shapes and colours to choose from!
Since Bella has discovered ‘her’ necklace (don’t worry I don’t let her wear it) it is safe for me to wear mine without the risk of it being yanked off my neck! We have now taken it to both playgroups, and have forwarded lots of inquisitive mums onto the website so they can invest too!
Here she is glued to the tele (3rd and Bird, incase you wondered!) with her Gumigem!


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