Bella’s new teething necklace!

A few months back I won a competition on Twitter and the prize was a teething necklace by GUMIGEM. I’d never heard of the company or the concept but it was a freebie so who am I to say no?! I chose my design (the Aurora) and within a few days it arrived.
It’s only in the last few weeks where Bella has really taken an interest in my necklaces, so I put the teething one on too… she forgot all about mine and made a grab for ‘hers’! Instinctively she knew what to do, grabbing the top and shoving it in her mouth, chomping away!!
What a brilliant idea!!!!
The pendant itself looks like glass, you can only really tell it’s silicone by touching it, and the cord is long enough that they can play without choking you, but you can buy a longer one if you want. I’m considering getting another one, they are so pretty and so many shapes and colours to choose from!
Since Bella has discovered ‘her’ necklace (don’t worry I don’t let her wear it) it is safe for me to wear mine without the risk of it being yanked off my neck! We have now taken it to both playgroups, and have forwarded lots of inquisitive mums onto the website so they can invest too!
Here she is glued to the tele (3rd and Bird, incase you wondered!) with her Gumigem!


Taking the plunge!

Last week I did something I have been meaning to do for a long time, I took Bella to her first play group. I know that may sound a bit weird, as she turned 7 months on Saturday, but I have been so scared to go to one we’ve basically turned into hermits! The last time I got Bella weighed was about 10 weeks ago, and I hated going to the weighing clinic. I felt that all the other mums were looking at me, judging me, like I was a young inexperienced mum who didn’t know what she was doing. I know I might well be paranoid, I might be older than many of them, they might even be first time mums too, but it’s something I’ve felt through most of my life, it just happens to have carried on now I’m a mum!
Anywho, I got invited to join a group of mummies and their babies and toddlers on a Tuesday morning, so that was that. Tuesday morning came, and I felt sick, shock horror! I contemplated not going at all but I thought that wouldn’t be fair on Bella, so off we went. There were a few other new mums there, and about 30 of us in total. There was a baby corner, plenty of toys, even a craft area for the ‘big’ little people! We had tea and coffee halfway through, and at the end was time for some singing, it was lovely! There were a few songs I knew (twinkle twinkle & old macdonald!) and a few I think I’ll end up having to google to learn, but it ended with the hokey-cokey which Bella loved as I threw her in the air!
After most of the mummies had gone home, I stood talking to the group leader, who was so friendly, like everyone else had been. I owned up and told her that I’d had a mini-panic mid morning and thought I was going to have to leave, and rather than laughing at me (because quite honestly it is quite pathetic!) she was really understanding and told me that she was glad I stayed!
I’m so glad I did stay, I think it’ll do both me and Bella some good, we both need to do some socialising, I wonder if she’s dreaming of it now in her little bed, it’s play group in the morning!

Goodbye 2011

It’s been an awfully long and stressful year, 2011, but the most wonderful thing that happened was my little baby girl. Both myself and hubby are absolutely besotted with her, she is the smiliest, happiest baby I’ve ever seen, and so beautiful!
I don’t normally make new year’s resolutions, but I have this year;
1) not to check up on people that don’t care, and
2) this year will be about me, my baby & my hubby.
These may sound a bit silly or simple, but I’ve had a tendency to put everyone else first for the past 20-odd years, and now I have said my piece I can put myself and my new little family first!
I’m so looking forward to the rest of 2012, Bella will start talking, crawling, walking (hopefully!), and have her first birthday this year, it’s so exciting!
I don’t want to make this a long one so I’ll come back very soon, but HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of my followers, I hope this year brings you everything you wish for!