My silent sunday


Soppy mummy alert!!

What is it about late at night that makes me so emotional?!

I’m sitting here in bed, hubby to my right, (snoring away) and baby in my arms (also snoring), trawling through eBay to find some bargain baby clothes. I’m finding no end of wooly hats and snowsuits but I’m telling myself she won’t need them cos it won’t be that cold. I’m forgetting that although she is a tiny radiator now, when it gets cold, she will get cold! How am I to know what babies will need, it’s not as if I’ve done this before!!

And then it hit me. My baby is going to have her first Christmas in a couple of months time. She is 3.5 months old already and hopefully by Christmas she will be starting to eat. Also hopefully sitting up by herself. All these “hopefully”‘s… I have no idea! This afternoon we had some play time, on her belly (I hate the phrase “tummy time”) and she shocked me by bringing her knees up under herself, bum in the air!! If she could only lift the top half of her up she’d be crawling. CRAWLING?!! My baby is growing up too fast!!

Even now as I look down at her, sprawled out across my lap, when did she get this long? I remember when I could hold her in one arm, now it’s a real struggle, and I have long arms!

I honestly am enjoying every day with my beautiful girl. I think I was born to be a mummy, I can’t think of anything else I’d rather do. I feel truly blessed *wipes away tears*. Now if I could just pull myself together, I might not wake up with a headache tomorrow!!