Things to do before I’m 30

I’ve been thinking about doing one of these for a while but never got round to putting it on here. Granted some of these I have already done, but they were still on my list!

– Get married & have a baby (done and done!)

– Travel by sea plane (done, thanks to honeymoon destination!)

– See a show (musical or play)

– Go on the London Eye (even though I am scared of heights)

– Abseil (again scared of heights, but done, to raise money for the Stroke Association, when my mum was told she’d had a series of mini strokes. Turns out she hadn’t but we only found that out after!!)

– Buy a 4×4, preferably a Land Rover

– Buy a VW camper 🙂 pretty colours preferable!

– Win the lottery…. hey, a girl can dream!!

– Get a tattoo (done, a few times over!)

– Hold a tarantula / lizard / snake, though not at the same time please!

– Stay up all night and watch the sunrise (this would be best done whilst camping)

– Buy a house for our perfect little family

– Fire a gun (now I know this sounds controversial but it’s something I’ve never done and both father & husband have)

– (try to) eat sushi. This sounds a little weird, I’m not a huge fish/seafood fan but always been curious!

– Play the piano again

– Test drive a really cool (fast) car

So these are the ones I can think of right now, I may add some more later 🙂 feel free to suggest new ones for me!


10 things you might not know about me…

Taking inspiration from the lovely Lauren’s blog (@laurenhousewife), I’m making up my own list 🙂

1. I LOVE the Welsh accent, I wish I had it, I could listen to it all day!
2. I have 4 tattoos (1 is made up of 2 designs) and am waiting for Bella to be 12 weeks old so I can have my next 🙂
3. My guilty pleasures include Westlife and S-Club 7!
4. I ‘collect’ pens. Well, I say collect, my hubby would say steal! If you have a nice pen, or just a different/unusual pen, hide it! Even if I don’t mean to, I may well walk off with it!
5. The first concert I went to was Will Young & Gareth Gates, and I cried when Will sang Evergreen!
6. When I buy something, 99% of the time I’ll have to put it on before I get home!
7. People dressed up as animals (and other things where you can’t see their faces) scare me. And clowns. We will not be taking Bella to Disneyland if I have any say in it!
8. I used to play the piano. I miss it a lot but am scared to play when I see one just incase I can’t remember how to.
9. Unchained Melody by The Everley Brothers makes me cry. I don’t know why.
10. I am lactose intolerant, and have been since my 21st birthday.
11. I hate even numbers. This is why there are 11 things about me, not 10! It also frustrates me that I have 8 stars tattooed on my foot, rather than 7.
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It’s just not fair :o(

For the past few days on Twitter, all I have been reading about are the riots in London, and seemingly everywhere else now. It seems ridiculous how things can spiral so out of control, with chaos spreading across the country. Where are the parents of these despicable human beings? I hope they are proud of their darling children, or at least have the decency to be ashamed.

Then on Monday I came across rather a lot of tweets and re-tweets from and about the most courageous little boy, Harry Moseley. Harry is only 11 and he is fighting an inoperable brain tumour. Rather than feeling sorry for himself, which quite honestly I would probably feel in the same position, this wonderful boy is trying his best to raise awareness and funds to help others.

Whilst these horrendous riots are carrying on up and down the country, Harry (and Harry’s mummy!) have been tweeting us internet geeks to keep us updated on how he is, even today when he was taken in for surgery, he needed to say hello!

This boy is a true inspiration, if only the same thing could be said about the rest of the youth today. I truly have no idea how he stays so positive, but his mummy (and the rest of the Moseley family) should be so proud, it’s beyond words just how unfair it is, I can only hope that everyone can do just that little bit to help. It might not seem much, but I have bought (donated money for) 2 bracelets that Harry is going to make for me, and I will wear them with pride knowing why they were made. If you would like to do the same, please visit his website, details below.

Follow Harry on Twitter… @harry_moseley

Visit Harry’s website to read his story, donate or order your own bracelet…

Thank you. x

… and relax!

The last few days have been pretty damn challenging to be honest. We seemed to finally have some sunshine and the start of a summer, it was lovely…
Hubby and me took this opportunity to venture further than our little town so last weekend we went out to do a bit of shopping. The day was going quite well, we stopped for lunch at a coffee place and fed Bella too, we were finally turning into one of those couples that can actually be out doing stuff without having to rush home in time for feeding time!
After waiting what we thought was an appropriate amount of time before laying Bella down to change her, we drove to the retail park. I left Bella and her daddy in the car while I went into one shop, but it was only a matter of minutes before my phone rang, I knew it was too good to be true, she’d brought all of her milk up and was now sitting in a puddle of puke! I was so lucky to be in Mothercare, I rushed out to help, we rushed back in to the handily placed changing room, hubby cleaning the car seat frantically, me stripping my little girl of her sopping wet and very smelly clothes to get her clean and dry. I think this is when the week started to go downhill!
The weather seemed to stay hot, well ‘Britain hot’, for the next few days and I must admit I didn’t really know what to do! I normally struggle in the heat myself and never have much energy to do anything, now suddenly I’ve got to look after a little baby who is also struggling, this wasn’t looking good for either of us!
As the week went on, and the warmth continued, we were all a little unsettled. We had fans on in the house to cool down, and most days Bella was just in her vest and socks as she was so warm. I have to admit here, when Bella is sick (and by that I mean she brings up all her milk) I do tend to freak out a bit, which made what happened next a delight…
I think it was Wednesday, I was giving Bella her afternoon bottle while we were watching the television with the fan on yet again. She’d managed to finish a whole bottle, which I was really pleased with ‘cos she’d been so unsettled due to the heat. I’d literally just put the bottle down next to me and hadn’t sat her up to burp her yet, when she straightened her back and legs, her eyes were wide open and an almighty gush of milk starting to come out of her mouth. Honestly it was like a river, and started to come out of her nose too, it scared the life out of me! Without even thinking I turned her over on my lap, head in my hand, so she could bring it all up, I don’t know who was more terrified, her or me. It was the look on her face when she went stiff, as if to say ‘mummy help me’, it was heartbreaking.
After what seemed like hours (but was probably less than a minute!) she’d brought up pretty much all of her bottle, but had thankfully stopped and could catch her breath. This is when my brain started to analyse what had just happened, and then I looked down…

… what a mess!!! I guess this is what heat does to my little girl 😦
I scooped her up and left the mess to be dealt with later!! On the plus side, we had our first mummy & baby bath together, which the smiles on her face suggested she seemed to enjoy!
The rest of the week has been a bit better. Bella is still not quite herself, and inside she’s still only wearing her vests and socks, but she is at least feeding better, which is a relief. I’m glad it’s starting to cool down a bit!